GoodWill Letters: Examples Included

Goodwill Letter Examples

GoodWill Letters and How to use them. Good Will Letter Examples and Samples Included. 

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Q: How can I delete a negative trade line when it remained on my report after a pay for delete?

A: You can delete them by using by using a Goodwill letter.

Q: What is a GoodWill letter?

A: When you pay to have a delinquent account deleted from your credit report, it still remain listed on your report (for 7 years) as a ‘Paid Delinquency’  – so, it is still a blemish on your credit. A Goodwill letter is used to remove these type of blemishes from your credit reports to dramatically boost your credit score. It is a highly effective debt elimination technique.

Basically, a Goodwill letter works like this: Write an email to the collection agency’s higher executive and briefly explain your financial struggles; also, ask for their sympathy & (politely) ask them to delete your negative listings or to stop reporting it to the credit bureaus (refer to these requests as “goodwill adjustments”); then send the email to the collection agency’s executive and wait for a response.

Under this circumstance, a collection agency is not obligated to delete negative items from a credit report (since the information is accurate), but if it’s a ‘Paid Delinquency’, they are more likely to show compassion by deleting it or by stop reporting it to credit bureaus.



  • Sending Goodwill letters through regular mail will take much longer.
  • Goodwill letters can boost credit scores (by as much as 100 points) in a short period of time!

Q: How long will it take for Midland Credit Management to respond?

A: Ideally, within a few business days, the collection agency will respond by phone or email – confirming the deletion of your negative items. In other cases, a collection agency either won’t respond, or say they can’t legally delete your credit information in this manner.

Q: Can a Goodwill letter delete other items off my credit report?

A: Yes. It can be used to delete late payments & finance charges from original creditor accounts or child support. It can also be used to remove chargeoffs, court jugdements, repossessions and foreclosures.

Q: Can I request a Goodwill adjustment over the phone?

A: Yes, but it is highly ineffective, because you will be speaking to the collection agency’s customer service representative – and they don’t have the power to make any kind of changes to your account. In order for a Goodwill letter to work, you must send it to the collection agency’s higher executive.

Q: What are the chances of my success using a Goodwill letter?

A: It depends on your approach. Many people spend months of trial & error, sending out multiple Goodwill letters with no success, because they treat it like a numbers game. Then there are those who succeed on their very first try, getting their items deleted immediately. Oftentimes, the people who succeed are the ones who had assistance in putting their GW letters in the right format, and sending it through the proper channels.

Q: Can I use a Goodwill letter to delete an unpaid debt?

A: No. To learn how to quickly delete your unpaid debts, go to these sections: Debt Validation, Cease & Desist or FCRA.

Q: How do you write a Goodwill letter?

A: You can Google ‘Goodwill letter template” and get alot of examples, but keep these points in mind:

  1. Be friendly.
  2. Customize the Goodwill letter to fit your circumstance.
  3. Make sure your letter is short, sweet and simple – a page or less.
  4. State your name, phone number, address and your account number (for their convenience).
  5. Give a brief history of your debt, how you failed to correct it and why it will never happen again.
  6. End the letter, politely specifiying which deletions you would like.
  7. You can fax it or send it via regular mail – but emailing it is much faster.

Example of GoodWill Letters:



CITY, STATE ZIPDear Ms. NAME:I have been an company name customer since 19XX and during that time, I have enjoyed my experience with company name greatly. I am writing to see if you would be willing to make a “goodwill” adjustment to your reporting to the three credit agencies. I have two a late payments on the above referenced account that date back to 19XX. Since that time I have been an exceptional customer paying every month on time.

Because of my exceptional payment history over the last X years, I would like you to consider removing the negative payments from my credit report. At the time of the late payments, I was in the process of changing jobs. I say that not to justify why the payments were late, but rather to show that the late payments are not a good indicator of my actual credit worthiness. I hope that company name is willing to work with me on erasing this mark from my credit reports.

I have been a very happy customer in the past and hope to continue a long relationship with company name. With today’s credit industry so competitive, I know how important it is to maintain good relationships with customers. Company name has been exceptional in my book so far and I highly recommend it to all my friends and relatives. I hope that you will deeply consider my request and prove once again, why company name is heads above the rest. I look forward to your reply.


your name




Regarding: Account No. XXXXX


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing a letter about my experience with xxxxxx that is a mixture of a grateful “thank-you” and a pressing request concerning a xxxxxx Charge Card tradeline in my credit files that I would like to have revised.

I received the xxxxxx card in [YEAR], several years before I [CHAOTIC LIFE EVENT — A MOVE, A BIRTH, MEDICAL SICKNESS, ETC.]. Later when I experienced the [CHAOTIC LIFE EVENT] and while working on [WORK PROJECT], I became disorganized with respect to, as you saw, making timely payments with xxxxxx. I fully recognize my responsibility with respect to payable accounts and have worked diligently to rehabilitate my relationship with xxxxxx since that time.

To be honest, that year was a “wake-up” call for me regarding fiscal organization. Since then I believe I have learned the essential organizational and financial management principles I desperately needed at that point. Thankfully, responsible credit management is now reflected in my credit records which — excluding the xxxxxx card late entry — are excellent. I wish to thank you for renewing your confidence in me and for giving me a second chance at a relationship with you, one that I am determined to keep spotless.

We are about to shop for a mortgage, and it has come to my attention that the late notations from xxxxxx may preclude me from taking full advantage of the very lowest interest rates now available. Since those notations do not reflect my current status with xxxxxx, I am requesting that you give me a second chance at a positive credit rating by revising those tradelines. Your customer service representative suggested that I write you for a “goodwill adjustment.” I sincerely hope that there is redemption at xxxxxxx, and I beg you for such consideration. Please let me know if any additional documentation would assist in reaching a positive outcome, and I thank you again for the time you have spent reading this letter.

Very hopefully yours,





Goodwill Letter – Letter to Original Creditor, Letter to Remove Late Payments, Sample Goodwill Letter

Goodwill Letter to Send to Original Creditor – Sample Letter 8


The following is a “Goodwill Letter” requesting a creditor to remove a late payment because you’ve been a good customer. Sometimes if you can plead your case that you were a good and loyal customer prior to a unfortunate circumstance, the creditor may remove late payments out of the goodness of their hearts.

For other credit repair tips, try our credit repair kit. We have other sample letters to handle a variety of credit situations. Here is the list.


Your Name
Your Address

Credit Card Company
Credit Card Company Address


Dear Credit Card Company,

I am writing to you today regarding my account #XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. The purpose of my correspondence is to see if you would be willing to make a “goodwill” adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies.

During the time period this account was established I had was very happy with the service, I was however not the ideal customer and made mistakes with my handling of the account. I should have kept better records regarding the account and I take full responsibility. I became aware of the unpaid balance when I got a copy of my credit report in (date).

I know that payment was my responsibility and I am not attempting to justify this breach of my user agreement, I was however hoping you might review the circumstances under which this non-payment occurred and consider removing the negative trade line associated with this account from my three credit reports.

As soon as I became aware of the balance I contacted —————– and paid the balance in full. I provide this not to justify why the account was unpaid, but rather to show that the issue with ———– is not a good indicator of my actual credit worthiness. I hope that —————- is willing to work with me on erasing this mark from my credit reports.

I would like to STRESS that the information currently being reported IS accurate, (I am not disputing anything with —————). I am simply asking ————-for a courtesy gesture of goodwill in having the credit bureaus remove this account from my report. I do recognize that this request is unique and that it may not be ————- normal policy. Please consider that the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not demand that all accounts be reported, only that any account that is reported be reported accurately. Therefore, a company does have legal discretion and permission to remove any account it chooses from the credit report. I’m hoping that ————- will do that in my case for this account.

Your kind consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Your Signature



Make sure you customize this to fit your situation. The more information you attached (Death certificates, etc) the better.